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Congressional Information

For a complete list of names and addresses of Congresspersons, including their web site addresses use our
communications link

Find - and e-mail - your representative by zip code:
(note - you will need to make sure you fill in the question to verify you are a real person before getting to the e-mail page)

Contacting the congress:
A very up to date congressional contact information data base

Congressional contact site:
Data products for lobbying Congress & grassroots management


White House Information

You can e-mail to the president, and others. Also take an electronic tour of the different rooms in the Whitehouse.

Consumer Information

Comparison chart of NYC gas prices in the five boroughs:

Democratic and Republican Party Information

View Democratic Party Information
View Republican Party Information

Information about our Democracy

Read the Declaration of Independence

Read the The Constitution of the United States.
Visit the National Archives and Records Administration for more information on The Constitution of the United States.

Read the Bill of Rights
Visit the THOMAS World Wide Web system for more information on the Bill of Rights (amendments 1 through 10) of the constitution, and amendments 11 thru 27

Information on the Electoral College

Use MSN Encarta Reference to look up information on the Electoral College or other information
also .. be sure you have visited our Electoral College Page on this site.

Information on Voting

Register to Vote
Get Voter Registration materials online

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